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das Wesen still/gefiltert stumm/

Sühne Mensch


Michael Belletz's new musical identity manifests itself in Sühne Mensch. The glory of the Galakthorrö cosmos exerted a fascinating effect on him in the past, and over time took hold, unfolding finally into his original music. Before Sühne Mensch, Michael Belletz made a name for himself as a creator of sophisticated dance music. He now succeeds convincingly in transforming his many years of experience into a new, blackened world of sound: Oscillating bass power, noise rhythms, metal percussions form the basic framework, which is expanded in a variety of ways with dark synth-melodies and angst-frequencies. Complex arrangements create excitement and offer the opportunity to discover something new even after repeated hearing. Despite all the complexity and technical sophistication of the production, the compositions always result in compact pieces of music that are able to open up an emotional dimension. Hereby, the vocals play a significant role. Exclusively German, they insinuate into the very marrow of one's bones with their nasty, crunching distortion. In addition, sung passages give the music of Sühne Mensch exclusive character.

Sühne Mensch has never appeared anywhere prior to its initial debut on Galakthorrö. Staying true to his intention of a release on Galakthorrö in his mind's eye, Michael Belletz refrained from digitally spreading his music about beforehand. The result today is that Sühne Mensch itself shines as brightly as a star in the firmament of the Galakthorrö cosmos.



Galakthorrö Discography:

Galakthorrö 053 A

Sühne Mensch "Schmerzportrait"

LP, limited edition


Galakthorrö 053 B

Sühne Mensch "Schmerzportrait"