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Galakthorrism International/

Galakthorrö is a small recording company, founded in 1993. In that year we opened our programme with a limited edition of vinyl single EPs from Haus Arafna. This record hit the spirit of the times with the audience at which it was directed, and quickly became a sought-after rarity. The success of this disc gave us the courage to offer a platform new artists and their unconventional music. This remains to this day our most important function, and equally we see it as our duty be conscientiously critical in our selections. Naturally it is not the quantity produced that defines Galakthorrö, but rather the way in which we attempt to be a dependable friend to our listeners. Offering high-quality presentations in these times of a saturated market and fleeting trends.

Galakthorrö publishes mainly "extreme" music, the roots of which are to be found in the Industrial-Music of the 70s and early 80s. We orient ourselves on the first independent labels that evolved at that time out of Industrial and Post-Punk. Like these, we also find ourselves outside the current marketing mechanisms, usual structure of the entertainment industry. We are independent. We take pride in our carefully selected distributors, and in our world-wide direct mailing service.

These days we offer not just limited Vinyl- , but also unlimited CD products, so as to make the music available for an "unlimited period". Albums therefore usually come out as twin issues, both as LP and CD concurrently. We concentrate our focus on physical sound reproductions, but we provide the opportunity to buy MP3s from our online shop. This is our reaction to the many illegal offers on the Net, and so we are offering a legal alternative.