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Frequently Asked Questions

>>> Do we receive an e-mail newsletter?

<<< No, but there is our "Snail-mail" bulletin "The Human Interface/Printmode", that we already send to all of our registered customers worldwide, by letter post.
If you would also like to be included in our distribution list, send us an e-mail to this effect, giving us your full postal address. You can, of course, cancel your listing at any time. Just send us a brief message (i.e. by e-mail), and that's that.
"The Human Interface/Printmode" is a beautifully designed, zig-zag-folded A4 sheet, and because of its uniqueness is much loved by our customers.
It contains information about new releases, but its main purpose is to help people when ordering. The printing- and shipping costs for this are very, and therefore customers who have been inactive for a long time drop out of the distribution list.


>>> What does "Release Date" actually mean? Why do new records sometimes appear on the Galakthorrö Website already marked as "Sold Out" before the Release Date?"

<<< The Release Date signifies the date on which the recordings are first available for sale to the public in shops, from mail orders, or other sales outlets. Before Release Date the new records are only available direct from Galakthorrö, from the date that the customer receives his newsletter, and/or the news update appears on our Website. Because many orders are made by direct purchasers, and dealers, our stocks can sometimes very quickly drop to zero. Then the issue is seen as sold out at Galakthorrö, and is declared as such. This does not mean that the issue is no longer available, as the dealers will not receive their stocks until the release date.


>>> Does Galakthorrö deliver pre-release, or can I merely order before the release date?

<<< Yes, Galakthorrö also delivers before the release date. From the instant the client receives his newsletter, or our Website is updated, we accept orders and despatch on receipt of payment.
This is done as rapidly as possible, but because the high demand can often lead to delays, although generally speaking any delays are relatively minor.


>>> Can I wait until the release date before ordering?

<<< Past experience shows that the limited issues are only available for a comparatively short time. We recommend that orders are placed as soon as possible. Everyone who has registered for our newsletter will be informed in good time.