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þú lítur til baka/nóttina endilanga/



The mind behind Aska is Kristófer Páll. He considers himself primarily as poet, but the broadening of the meaning horizon of words through the power of music is equally important to him. He has outgrown Black Metal, and has found in electronic music the ideal platform on which to experiment with the spoken word. Thus this presentation of exclusively Islandic text is a highlight of Aska: Every single word falls as if bitterly broken out of a tortured soul at just the right place in the sound structure, and resonates the sadness that characterises Aska's music. Aska has effectively united melancholic melodies with unsettling noise. A dense web of microsounds is the result, without disturbing the reduced overall effect of the music. Co-existential to the haunting atmosphere of analogue synths and vocals, the drum-machine enters the scene, and with skeletal rhythms challenges one to dance. Aska treads a wide spectrum. Influences of wave and industrial are condensed into perfect angst pop: Super dark, super sad, super beautiful!



Galakthorrö Discography:

Galakthorrö 051 A

Aska "Út ViÐ Sundin GrÁ"

LP, limited edition


Galakthorrö 051 B

Aska "Út ViÐ Sundin GrÁ"



Galakthorrö 051 C

Aska "Út ViÐ Sundin GrÁ"

MC, limited edition