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Danse Dense Danse Perdu/

Mode In Gliany


Northern Brittany acts as a great influence on Boris Völt. This is where the artist lives and so his music is like a walk on a cold misty morning, along a lonely beach. The thoughts fly out of one's head, the world opens itself up with a modest embrace, but it is still too immense for one to feel safe inside. Mode in Gliany has breadth, like the vista of the horizon, created with melancholic melodies, catchy arpeggios and sweeping Synth-scapes. The Electronics are in flow with the French vocals, and the smooth rhythms from the drum computer. Like the Riptide, this music creates an undertow, and pulls the legs to move to the dance. Feel the Breton wave. Dance alone.


Galakthorrö Discography:


Galakthorrö 049

Mode In Gliany "Kelc'h lizher"

7" Single EP, limited edition.