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Tanz Ohne Musik


Dan Serbanescu from Bucharest is a friend of analogue synthesizers, plus a very talented Soundtweaker. Together with Luna, who directs the photos and videos, he comprises the group Tanz Ohne Musik. No blank page - this is the way Tanz Ohne Musik have been attracting attention recently with effective Angst Pop, that will be now be brought to fruition on Galakthorrö. Tanz ohne Musik are remarkable because of a consistent minimalistic performance which permeates through even to their lyrics. The spartan synth and drum tracks are identifiably analogue, reinforced by the direct style of production. In combination with the under-cooled male vocals creating an impression of melancholy that even the driving danceable tracks can't destroy. Serbanescu builds upon various tempos and on a refined sound design that is always good for surprises. Minimalismus must not exclude variation, as we can see here.


Galakthorrö Discography:


Galakthorrö 040 A

Tanz Ohne Musik "Infinity"

LP, hand-numbered limited edition


Galakthorrö 040 B

Tanz Ohne Musik "Infinity"



Galakthorrö 046

Tanz Ohne Musik "Night"

7" EP, hand-numbered limited edition