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Galakthorrö 048 A2

Haus Arafna "Asche" LP

limited edition of 729 copies

Sold out!

[Release Date: 26. August 2020]

Haus Arafna recalibrated: more Angst less Pop. The new album is raw, brutal, sad – not a spark of hope beneath the layer of ashes, just the certainty of suffocating in the Darkness. Noisy voices from out of the afterlife, unredeemed shoutings, all words in german language which are difficult to understand due to electronic distortion. Only the accompanying text print deciphers and reveals poetry as touching as a funeral oration, and word collages with the fragile logic of a nightmare. Black spills out of the synthesisers in the form of oppressive wavemovements and threatening noise. Metal percussion that not only ornaments, but rather forms the heartbeat of this record, and so dehumanised, snaps, grinds and clacks or with merciless force crushes all matter to dust. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, structured chaos, the invisible visible. An album of timeless character.

:: 12" LP, black vinyl, sturdy cardboard cover, printed inner sleeve, two insert cards (factory sealed)


  1. Leiden An Deiner Statt
  2. Feierhalle
  3. Kreise Um Das Nichts
  4. Asche
  5. Toter Mensch
  6. Keine Tränen
  7. Sieh Mich An
  8. Deine Liebe
  9. Erwache in Angst
  10. Sieh Mich Nicht An
  11. Eroberung Der Einsamkeit
  12. Ausbluten

Official Music Videos:

> Album Trailer (YouTube)
> Kreise Um Das Nichts (YouTube)

MP3 Audio Files:

These sound files are not of the same audio quality as the original recordings, due to the considerable data reduction involved.


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