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Galakthorrö 026

Hermann Kopp "Cerveau D'Enfant 7" EP

hand-numbered limited edition of 500 copies.

Sold out!

[Release Date: 1. December 2010]

A historical playroom seen with the spiritual eye is the atmosphere conjured up by this disc. Not a toyland paradise – the air is stale, the toys unused. The child is in hiding. Framed in fragile tones, passages of symphonic quality aspiring to set something seraphic against the morbid, looking to the heavens. A new facet of Hermann Kopp, whose voice completes the piece, inserted at certain selected points, electronically manipulated, in French.

:: 7" EP, black vinyl, sturdy cardboard cover


  1. Cerveau D'Enfant
  2. Umbilical Cord Strangulation
  3. Venusberg
  4. Oedipe-Enfant


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