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Galakthorrö 018

Subliminal "Coping" MC

limited edition of 100 copies.

[Release Date: 29. November 2021]

Pure Terror! With his new album Albert Fisch has created such an impressive Inferno of Hate that hearing it warms the cockles of the heart! Violent analogelectronic and machine noise is skillfully structured by the use of pulsating bass frequencies and aggressive vocal performances. The combination of all these elements culminate in a mighty shockwave that just surges off straight into the central nervous system. Powerelectronics at its best, uncompromising, dirty and trigger-happy!
The theme "Coping" forms the theoretic and emotional foundation, inspiring and evoking ideas, both acoustic and visual.
Since the debut album Gracebudd, the development has continued. Those who appreciated Subliminals’ contribution to the Kosmoloko sampler will find Coping a particularly successful follow-up experience. For anyone who wants to re-adjust his Hate-Wavelengths one more time, here is the right tool for the job.

:: White printed black cassette in snapbox, Cover with one flap


  1. This Is For You
  2. Push Harder
  3. Play Dead
  4. Maria Himmelfahrt
  5. Sexual Disfunctionale
  6. I Know All About You
  7. So Young With Me
  8. Komm
  9. She's Great
  10. I Wanna Know What Love Is
  11. Coping

MP3 Audio Files:

These sound files are not of the same audio quality as the original recordings, due to the considerable data reduction involved.

> Play Dead
> Maria Himmelfahrt
> So Young With Me
> I Wanna Know What Love Is


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