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Galakthorrö 011 A2

November Növelet "From heaven On Earth" LP

Reissue, limited edition of 645 copies.

Sold out!

[Release Date: 30. March 2024]

November Növelet’s debut album was another milestone in Galakthorrö’s history. Consciously or unconsciously, NN created the basic framework for the angst pop that would influence Galakthorrö’s releases from then on. On From Heaven On Earth the horror is not in your face with noise and distorted screaming vocals, but rather sneaks up from behind: a lovely female voice contrasting with misanthropic lyrics and dark electronics, in which influences from minimal wave, trip hop, experimental and industrial merge into an unconventional mix. It was the new and unique that made From Heaven On Earth a success at the end of the 90s, but also a piece of imperfection that magically attracts friends of morbidity to this day. The exorbitant prices that the long out-of-print LP version achieves on the collectors’ market are testament to this. The unbroken interest in vinyl in general and the passion for collecting the Galakthorrö catalogue in particular, have led to ever louder calls for a reissue of this classic over the years. For everyone who has
been waiting for a long time: Be ready for the heavenly second LP edition. Remastered, adapted to today’s design, of course with the old iconic images. Grab it quickly.

:: 12" LP, heavenly transparent-blue marbled vinyl, sturdy cardboard cover, printed inner sleeve and insert card


  1. Entry
  2. Shouts Of Joy
  3. Andacht
  4. Misanthropy
  5. When The World Is White
  6. Fear
  7. She Was Young
  8. Mountains
  9. Useless
  10. You Are Mine
  11. Go End There

MP3 Audio Files:

These sound files are not of the same audio quality as the original recordings, due to the considerable data reduction involved.

> Entry
> Shouts Of Joy
> Misanthropy
> When The World Is White
> Go End There


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