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Galakthorrö 001 A2

Haus Arafna "SEx-U-Mas" 7" EP

Reissue, limited edition of 489 copies

Sold out!

[Release Date: 30. March 2024]

How it all began. Nobody knew Haus Arafna, nobody knew Galakthorrö – the Sex-U-Mas came out of nowhere. With a fairytale dynamic of its own, Haus Arafna’s debut became a fabulous success. The record hit the nail on the head at a time when a youth subculture saturated with wave-goth-ebm was looking for something new and moving towards industrial. This awakening can also be heard on Sex-U-Mas – the fervour of youth glowing hotly in the famously wild and ecstatic sound. Captured on piercing live cassette recordings, without multitracking and without a computer anyway. That was a long time ago – and so the Sex-U-Mas is now very rare on the second-hand market, often in poor condition and at horrendous prices. On the occasion of Galakthorrö’s 30th anniversary, die-hard fans now have the unique opportunity to get their hands on the historic sounds of the legendary Galakthorrö 001 again on vinyl. The blood-red vinyl colour is of course reminiscent of the real blood that decorated the original. However, the artwork has been adapted to fit today’s design line. Get it fast!

:: 7" Single, blood red vinyl, sturdy cardboard cover


  1. New Skin Grafting
  2. Song For A Murder
  3. Maidenly Mortal Dread
  4. Happy Thrill

MP3 Audio Files:

These sound files are not of the same audio quality as the original recordings, due to the considerable data reduction involved.

> Happy Thrill


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