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Galakthorrö 014

Haus Arafna "Butterfly" LP

hand-numbered limited edition of 1810 copies.

Sold out!


We're celebrating our 30th anniversary with a unique birthday offer!
This chance will never come again!

We are selling a small number of the original pressing of Haus Arafna's "Butterfly" from 2003 for the celebratory price of € 30.00! Grab it!

So that we understand each other correctly: This is not a reissue, but the original pressing from 2003!

- Unplayed!
- Never shipped, straight from the label!
- Hand numbered (XXXX/1810)!
- Of course all inserts + printed inner sleeve included!

What happened?
The Haus Arafna "Butterfly" LP was released in a large edition of 1810 copies. In the absence of sufficient storage capacity at that time, we temporarily deposited part of the edition with friends. In the hustle and bustle of the sale, part of the edition appeared to be missing. Sometime later the records turned up again, but in the meantime the LPs were already marked as sold out and the topic was closed. For almost 20 years now we have been guarding this treasure of about 120 copies, not knowing quite what to do with them. Only recently we came up with the idea of offering the records for our 30th anniversary at the amazing price of 30 euros. If you've been looking for the "Butterfly" LP for a while, you just need a bit of luck. Get it fast!

:: 12" LP, black vinyl, sturdy cardboard cover, printed inner sleeve and four insert cards incl. all lyrics


  1. Son Of Cain
  2. I Kill To Survive
  3. Invisible
  4. Für Immer
  5. Schockraum
  6. Must We Burn
  7. Satanas And Friends
  8. Scars
  9. Hingabe
  10. Part Of Fortune
  11. Agitation
  12. Mirror Me
  13. Gravity To The End

MP3 Audio Files:

These sound files are not of the same audio quality as the original recordings, due to the considerable data reduction involved.

> Für Immer
> Scars
> Mirror Me


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